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Moving to the rhythm of Africa.

Lying in bed at first light the soft glug, glug of the “bottle bird” is the first reminder that you have stepped into a different world. You know you have woken up in Africa when the coucal reminds you it is time to get up.   

As the landrover follows its nose out of camp you can often already hear the sound of a Hornbill as they sweep low overhead from three to tree with the first rays of the sun.  

The smell of grass all around you and the crisp morning air as you stop for a quick coffee before following hyena tracks plotting down the dirt road, these are all familiar emotions and memories to the African adventurer.

The days always offer surprises. Large gangs of buffalo suspiciously leer at you from the shade of towering trees. You may be planning a slow morning watching a bask of crocodiles sunbathing just to drive into a procession of elephant crossing the river. Whatever the day offered it is always nostalgic to drive into camp and to flop down next to the fire as the last rays touch the river while hippo playfully grunt and snort.

After dinner as the night jar remind you it’s time for bed there is often the familiar spine-tingling whoop of the spotted hyena in the distance as reminder that the bush never sleeps, and suddenly the words of Isak Dinesen ring true in remembrance “You know you are truly alive when you’re living among lions.”  Out of Africa


The philosophy of Pembi is to live within nature with as little disturbance as possible. We are all travellers moving through. We hope to do so, leaving the natural places of Pembi untouched but for reparation and restoration to damage done in previous lives by men less hopeful.

Prioritizing low environmental impact and social responsibility, Pembi offers comfort, style and elegance. The Pembi lifestyle uniquely provides secluded, undisturbed wilderness areas for both the distinguished traveller and families to enjoy. Architecture offers simplicity with an appreciation for the unique character of Africa. It invites nature in and get up close to Africa’s spectacular wildlife.


Tranquility meets the ultimate in style and luxury at Pembi’s exclusive commercial lodges. Each within their final phases of planning, our lodges will enjoy world-class management by AndBeyond and The Mantis Collection.


The Pembi Green Home project spearheads a movement in conservation architecture that serves as a catalyst for sustainable community empowerment and multi-generational wildlife conservation through private custodianship.

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The 30,000 hectares that make up the Pembi Pumbze Reserve, will be utilised as a high-intensity management area that includes a 3442 Ha sanctuary, as well as several trailblazing breeding programmes.

Pembi Wildlife Conservancy lies nestled in the Angonia highlands in the far North West of Mozambique. The remote wilderness of northern Mozambique is one of Africa’s last remaining wild places that is still largely unexplored.

Leave a legacy by becoming part of the most significant private conservation effort in the last 100 years.